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Hey, names Lizbeth. I enjoy Surfing and traveling. Born in the west coast but currently living in the east coast.


Honestly I am so tired of chasing people. I’ve noticed that the people I truly care about always have me chasing instead of telling me what the hell is wrong. The guy I like, well I finally got the message, he does not like me back so I won’t even bother anymore and my best friend isn’t speaking to me anymore and I miss Peter and I honestly don’t even care to go after anybody anymore. Don’t want to talk to me? fine. I’ll die one day anyways with or without you so do whatever the hell you want. I’ve been feeling so down lately and the fact that I can’t even go to both of my best friends because they’ve been ignoring me says a lot about them. So go fuck yourself. I think I’ve had it at this point with everyones shit.